They Say

by Search Division




We create the reality that we see
There's no need to be a victim
They Say
Science confirms this fact to be
So have faith in life eternal

They have a coded message
Meant to be read
It's written in their water
They Say
They're signals from another dimension
And from not inside their heads

They tell us souls as particles
Are worlds within
That they are tangible aspects of life
A non-local consciousness kind of woo
Now I've heard every lie

They Say
Accept these the possibilities
Of the conscious rearrangement of reality
They profess to know with certainty
Convinced of all their absurdities

They Say
The lines were never drawn
The way the world is now never agreed upon
Beyond time and space and observable restraint
And a bunch of quantum bunk that they like to say

They Say
We can change the world with a simple thought
Cast a seed into infinity and live a dream that once was sought
Who could believe such insanity of a fictitious alternate reality?
The undeniable impact of delusional thinking keeps the intellect cut off a shrinking

They Say
Accept as absolute certainty
A warm and fuzzy after life reality
They Say
That they can prove supernaturally
A post-mortem preservation of identity

I cannot live your illusions
I don't subscribe to your ideals
I will not run your rat race
Or hear your dogmatic appeals
You can hypnotize yourself
You can believe in your own lies
Or you can look deep inside your own head
Until you realize
Are you afraid of what you'll see?
Are you afraid of the possibility that there may be no substance to everything you believed was true?

They Say
Accept these as possibilities
Make believe invisible realities
Cause they are intimate with their deities
And they hold the keys to eternity


released March 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Search Division West Hollywood, California

Search Division is devoted to intense musical diversity and extreme groove representation. We are, for all intents and purposes, ambassadors of the Funk.

You might be listening to this and think "Is that jazz I'm hearing. Funk? Rock? Technical death metal? Reggae? Punk? Bossa nova? Wait! Is that country?

It's all that. It's Search Division.
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