Reminders of Idiocracy

by Search Division




With the schemes they make they sell their wares
Dreams are born, bought and sold
And the masses eat the
The fantasy up
And they cherish the lies they are told

And the dumbness of man did expand
As invisible men began to rule the land
And beneath every rock
And every grain of sand
The acquisition of minds was the primary plan

Then suddenly
To the their delight
The oh-one percent had seen the light
They split the world into broken sides
A divide and conquer plan took flight

Then on every spot the eye could see
Were reminders of idiocracy
And on every space that there would be
Were logos of gullibility
Some bend so right
With their minds locked tight
They refused to see
And gave up their sight
Some lean so left
they reject the rest and
they called it
open mindedness

With the dreams they make they pawn their scares
Fairy tales still told
And the masses vacuum all the lies up
And they carry the cross they are sold

Will the silence of man still expand
Until every microcosmic land
Capitulates to their every demand
Until the universe bears the mark of their hand


released June 21, 2017
Roy Moncroix - guitar / vox / synths

Vagitarius Cox - bass / vox

Mdru Margorp - drums



all rights reserved


Search Division West Hollywood, California

Search Division is devoted to intense musical diversity and extreme groove representation. We are, for all intents and purposes, ambassadors of the Funk.

You might be listening to this and think "Is that jazz I'm hearing. Funk? Rock? Technical death metal? Reggae? Punk? Bossa nova? Wait! Is that country?

It's all that. It's Search Division.
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