In Exile

by Search Division




As I kneel before the guillotine
I defy you 'til the end
I never conformed to your world in life
And I will not now in death

In the past I cast my pearls before swine
And only now I know
The most brilliant stars are so deep in space
Their light never reaches Earth

Some would say my actions bold
And name me arrogant
To them I say 'You're wrong you fools'
You condemn the innocent

It is a mortal shame you cast your blame
On a man who shows you light
Biting the hand that feeds you truth
You will choke on your own fright

In exile
I bid my time
My will is stronger now than I've ever known
In exile
I found my mind
I swear I'll return
Vengeance will be mine

Interlude and guitar solo

Tiny slivers of the truth
Are buried in their lies
Sometimes so deep in the abyss
They're impossible to find

Castigation overwhelms and robs a fertile mind
Poison looks and vile words are returned ten fold in time

In hand pitch fork and flaming torch
They're screaming out my name
At them I point and laugh and yell back
'Your minds have gone insane'

Then leaping from the scaffold
I clutch a passing horse's mane
I ride off into the Netherworld to return some other day

In exile
I did my time
My will is stronger now than you've ever known

In exile
I found my mind
I have returned
Vengeance is mine


released June 21, 2017
Vagitarius Cox - Bass / Vox
Victor von Moncroix - Guitar / Vox
Mdru Margorp - Drums

Studio Cats:

Mychal Bryce - Harpsichord

Recorded at The Manor in Mt. Helix, La Mesa, CA



all rights reserved


Search Division West Hollywood, California

Search Division is devoted to intense musical diversity and extreme groove representation. We are, for all intents and purposes, ambassadors of the Funk.

You might be listening to this and think "Is that jazz I'm hearing. Funk? Rock? Technical death metal? Reggae? Punk? Bossa nova? Wait! Is that country?

It's all that. It's Search Division.
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