We Run The Border Patrol

by Search Division



Congratulations! You're are now listening to a song that is a true one-of-a-kind. We Run The Border Patrol is a tune that was written for and plays an integral part of Matt Black's adventure novel trilogy called Mexifest Destiny Bk3: We Run The Border Patrol.


Lived in Chivato Beach
I lived in East LA
Had a bitching' low rider
Cops towed it away

I call my Uncle Tito
Cause I had no money
He said listen to this
I think it might sound funny but

We run the Border Patrol
I went straight into green
From the barrio
Now I'm in the Border Patrol

With my best t-shirt
My best flip flop shoes
I met with La Migra
For the interview

Five seconds later
Said I got the job
And a big fat 'ol pay check
For being a slob

I went straight from the ghetto
Straight outta the hood
Right through their academy
Like they told me I would

Now I'm wearing some green
Got me a badge and a gun
It's like I'm undercover
Smuggling alitems

We run the Border Patrol
We keepin' it real,
We keepin' it ghetto
We running the Border Patrol

I worked at a Walmart and a Micky Dees
I never bothered with GEDs.
But then I talked a guy in some fancy greens
Said I could be an agent so easily
Cholos and bangers and criminals too
Are getting hired right now
Why not a Rastaman too?!?!?

The job was so easy
Sister gave it a try
Hired on the spot
She didn't have to apply
She got promoted to supervisor right away
Now she's doing her bosses in the office all day

My buddy Wu, he got an intel job
It didn't matter that he was with the Chinese mob
He stole a truckload full of secret government gear
Ain't nobody seen him
Since he disappeared

We run the Border Patrol
Do something dumb and you might promote
You'll run the Border Patrol

I was drinking tequila and Corona brews
Then my homies said 'bounce'
And it was time to cruise
So we jumped in my pick up
We was driving away
With the po-po behind us
The whole pinche way

Cop pulled us over "You been drinking, son?"
Said, "I'm La Migra, cop! Look at my badge and my gun?"
He said "Get outta the car, boys, and reach for the sun!"
That's when me and my homies we decided to run, we singing

We run the Border Patrol
Hired on the spot
While we was out on parole now
We run the Border Patrol

We run the Border Patrol
We're runnin' the Red Light
Right under their nose, yeah
We run th Border Patrol


released June 27, 2017

Search Division is:

Tom Moncroix - All Guitars / Sitar / Lead Vocals

Vagitarius Cox - Electric Bass / Stand Up Bass / Back Up Vocals

Session Cats:

M'dru Margorp - Drums

Manny Cortez-Villaruegas - Bongos

Jamie Dias-Schwartski - Accordian

Tobias Schlitznikoff - Synth Playing / Synth Programming

Raffy and Rommy from The Mexifarians - Saxphones / Trumpets



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