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Spoken Word:

INTERVIEWER: Now, wait a second here. Do you honestly expect everyone to believe that? Now, let me get this straight. You're telling me that all the arrogance, disrespect and overall abrasiveness that you put on display towards your fellow human beings is nothing more that a substitute for real skill and real talent? Is that true?

ASSHOLE: Arglebraghrdogglegerbren.

INTERVIEWER: What did you you say sir?

ASSHOLE: Shmiidgeongoffendargubbbgg.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have a handful of marbles in your mouth or do you always talk like that.

ASSHOLE: Hrrmmphhin!

INTERVIEWER: And that's what I was afraid of...

Sung Reggae:

You're so spineless it's sad
You can't confront a man
Without your rats at hand
So lame

Your words are twisted lies
You get from all your spies

You're smoking so much pot
Your brain is starting to rot
But your having a blast kissing
So much ass
You're down on your knees
Your nose is buried in ass

It's so EZ2H8U
When I talk to you
My gut wants to puke
You're so plastic and fake
Like a synthetic cake
Your words are filling my brain
With endless waves of disdain
I gotta drown 'em all out
I'm puking sauerkraut
You know you make it so easy
You know you make it so EZ2H8U

Such a sneaky snake
You slither in late
You make everyone wait
This is a fact
You make a grand old entrance
Pretentious attention whore
A village idiot
A mindless dimwit
A brain damaged twit
With a speech impediment
It's just a matter of time
You'll win a Darwin Award

It's so EZ2H8U
You keep running your mouth
Shit is oozin' out
Your an instigator
Total masturbator
So hate you
You play your video games
Pushing you children away
I called CPS
They're coming you're way
You know you make it so easy
You know you make it so EZ2H8U

Sung Bossa Nova:

These fools need to get themselves
To psychotherapy
Inconsiderates, idiots and paranoids
"What about you?" You ask me
Yeah I got my problems to
But I keep it to myself
I don't burden others

A stupid person has the same
Effect an asshole does
I know it's tough but try not
To be one of the above

Rewind this if you must

Sung Punk/Metal:

Psychotic and strange
Bipolar lunatic
Completely deranged
Going off
On a psychopathic rant
His bullshit never stops
Shut it down
Sociopathic nut
He got a badge and a gun
Stark raving lunatic
His brain is on the fritz
Can you believe that they gave
This guy a badge and gun?


It's so EZ2H8U
You're going postal again
You must be off of your meds
So hate you
Your obnoxious and crude
Totally racist and rude
So fucking hate you
It boils to the surface
When you scream and shout
It's so damn apparent
When you're freaking out
You know you make it so easy
You know you make it so


released June 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Search Division West Hollywood, California

Search Division is devoted to intense musical diversity and extreme groove representation. We are, for all intents and purposes, ambassadors of the Funk.

You might be listening to this and think "Is that jazz I'm hearing. Funk? Rock? Technical death metal? Reggae? Punk? Bossa nova? Wait! Is that country?

It's all that. It's Search Division.
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