American Death Star

by Search Division

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Spoken Word:

Criminals and shiesters he claims not to know
But has done tremendous business with them in the past
Paid them for services perhaps he has done
This obnoxious hypocritical clown of ass

He is completely at odds with the establishment
His fake name they are always trying to smear
But with his spray on tan on his orange pompadour
He treats his sheep to a vacuous jeer

He wants to cut taxes for those rich like him
But their numbers are too far and few in between
He'll need to fool more than just the poor white masses
But is there anyone left for him to fleece

He invented a foe for his fans to fear
Gonna take your job your money your wife
On a xenophobic panophobic call to arms
His people pledge their hopeless lives

He swore up and down he's gonna build a great wall
Nobody better than me me and I
An American Death Star coming real soon
Big talk big dreams big hair big lies

Trophy wives
Aliens from Poland
Mafia ties
A Chinese clothes line
Meet the American Ayatollah

His sycophants they love every word
From his unfiltered incoherent mind
But beware when it begins there is no turning back
Once the megalomaniac is on the rise

Some say that his leadership will lead to our end
Depression diseases and wars and slaughter
Others are on a less cynical bent
By asserting that he just wants to bang his own daughter


released June 24, 2017

Don Moncroix - Guitar / Sarcastic Voice Over

Vagitarius Cox - Fretless Bass

Paid Session Cats:

Kimbo Abusas - Keyboards

M'dru Margorp - Drums

Damien Sykon - Recording Engineer



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You might be listening to this and think "Is that jazz I'm hearing. Funk? Rock? Technical death metal? Reggae? Punk? Bossa nova? Wait! Is that country?

It's all that. It's Search Division.
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